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When was the last time you strolled past your windows and took a moment to relish the vibrant colors beyond? If this simple pleasure seems elusive, your solution is found in Shine-On Window Cleaning Service.

Our exclusive, enduring cleaning formula ensures that your windows maintain a pristine appearance, both from the inside and outside.

Backed by our unbeatable 30-Day Streak-Free Guarantee, our clients enjoy peace of mind, confident that we not only deliver exceptional service but also leave no cleanup duties behind once the job is done.

For enduring brilliance, meticulous attention to detail, and a commitment to achieving windows that gleam with transparency, trust the expertise of the Shine-On Window Cleaning Service team. We don’t just clean windows; we take pride in crafting sparkling results that endure the test of time.

At Shine-On Window Cleaning Service, we go beyond the sparkle to ensure a comprehensive service that extends beyond mere cleaning. While we may not be professional home inspectors, our dedication to excellence prompts us to be vigilant for any potential maintenance issues with your home during our window cleaning process.

As we meticulously attend to every detail, our trained team keeps a watchful eye for signs of wear, tear or any anomalies that might catch our attention. We believe that transparency should not only be a quality of your windows but also a characteristic of our service. Therefore, if we notice anything noteworthy, we make it a point to report it to the homeowner.

Our commitment goes beyond delivering streak-free windows; it encompasses a genuine concern for the overall well-being of your home. By choosing Shine-On Window Cleaning Service, you’re not only investing in sparkling results but also in a team that values transparency in every aspect of our service. Let us bring enduring brilliance to your windows and provide you with insights that contribute to the long-term maintenance of your home.

Options to fit your needs in every part of the Kansas City Metro

  • Interior and Exterior Window Cleaning
    • This service involves cleaning both the inside and outside surfaces of windows. It typically includes the use of traditional methods combined with water-fed pole for high or hard-to-reach exterior windows.
    • Comprehensive cleaning: Ensures a thorough cleaning of all window surfaces and provides a complete and consistent appearance from both inside and outside.
  • Exterior Window Cleaning
    • Exterior service focuses solely on cleaning the outside of the windows. It may involve traditional methods or water-fed pole systems for high or hard-to-reach windows.
    • Cost-effective: Exterior-only cleaning can be more affordable than cleaning both sides.
    • Ideal for maintenance when the interior doesn’t require immediate attention.
  • Screen Cleaning
    • Screen cleaning involves the removal of dirt, dust, and debris from window screens. Screens are typically detached, cleaned, and reinstalled. Shine-On primarily uses a stand up screen cleaner that scrubs the screen with brushes while spraying water on them at the same time.
  • Post Construction Window Cleaning
    • After construction or remodeling, windows often accumulate dust, paint splatter, and other debris. This service is designed to thoroughly clean windows in such post-construction scenarios.
    • Removes debris and paint beyond what is included with normal window cleaning.
  • Storm Window Cleaning
    • Storm windows are additional protective windows installed outside of existing windows.
    • To clean these windows, we start by disassembling the storm window. After that, we clean both sides of the main window and the storm window. Once the cleaning is done, we reassemble the storm window, leaving it looking fantastic.
    • Choosing to have your windows cleaned rather than replaced can save tens of thousands of dollars. The results from having your storm windows cleaned can be nothing short of stunning.
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Our Methods

Shine-On primarily uses two professional window cleaning methods: traditional and water-fed pole.

Traditional Method:

  • Squeegee and Scrubber Technique:
    • This is the most common and the traditional method used by professional window cleaners.
    • When working inside, our technicians lay down a large towel under the area we are working. A soapy solution is applied to the window surface using a scrubber, which helps loosen and remove dirt, grime, and other contaminants.
    • The window is then squeegeed to remove the soapy water along with the loosened dirt, leaving a clean and streak-free surface.
    • The squeegee is a rubber-bladed tool that is pulled across the glass in a smooth, continuous motion.
  • Detailing and Wiping:
    • After using the squeegee, window cleaners often use a lint-free cloth or towel to detail the edges and corners of the window, ensuring that no streaks or water spots are left behind.
    • This step contributes to a thorough and professional finish and includes wiping the sill to remove debris and water.

Water-Fed Pole System:

  • Purified Water Technology:
    • Water-fed pole systems use purified water, which is free of minerals and impurities. This water has a high affinity for dirt, allowing it to effectively dissolve and carry away contaminants.
    • The water is purified using a filtration system that removes minerals and impurities, leaving it in a deionized state.
  • Telescopic Poles:
    • The cleaning technician uses a carbon fiber telescopic pole equipped with a brush at the end.
    • The brush is used to scrub the window, and the purified water is sprayed onto the glass through jets on the brush.
    • Dirt is agitated and lifted away from the window surface.
  • No Need for Squeegees:
    • The water-fed pole system eliminates the need for squeegees in most cases. The purified water dries without leaving streaks or spots, as there are no minerals or impurities to cause residue.
  • Safer for High Windows:
    • Our water-fed pole system is particularly useful for cleaning windows at heights that are challenging to reach with traditional methods. This reduces the need for ladders or other access equipment, enhancing safety.

Each method has its advantages and may be chosen based on factors such as the type of windows, accessibility, and the specific requirements of the cleaning job. Shine-On window cleaners often use a combination of these methods to achieve the best results.

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