Your Easy Solution to Secure Gutter Cleaning


Ready to tackle the dirty work of gutter cleaning? Look no further than us! Just like you trust a cardiologist for heart issues and a dentist for clean teeth, your clogged gutters need skilled, trained, and insured professionals.

Maintaining a smoothly flowing gutter system is crucial for your home’s well-being. When gutters overflow, not only do you get a picturesque waterfall at your doorstep, but moisture damage occurs behind the soffit boards, leading to wood rot and mold. This mold can infiltrate your attic and spread throughout your home via air ventilation ducts.

Neglected gutters carry heavy debris and standing water, weighing up to a whopping 370 pounds. This weight can wreck your gutter’s pitch, the angle that uses gravity to guide water to the downspout. A ruined pitch means water won’t flow, leaving it stagnant in the gutter and risking home infiltration.

Still not concerned? Picture this scenario: mix in Kansas City’s bi-polar winter weather, and the standing water, expanding and contracting, will swiftly ruin your gutters. We’ve all heard the horror stories of homeowners falling from rooftops attempting DIY gutter cleaning. Avoid such accidents by hiring experienced professionals. Roofs are hazardous, and gutter cleaning is a job best left to the pros.

Shine-On offers the services you need:

  • Cleaning gutters and flushing out downspouts
  • Roof debris removal
  • Minor repairs
  • Cleaning all types of gutters
  • One-time cleanings & yearly contracts available
  • Suitable for 1 and 2-story homes, apartments, condos & office buildings

Don’t let gutter issues rain on your parade – let Shine-On take care of it!

Want to get rid of the gunk and growth on the front of your gutters? Consider saving with a house wash!

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