Get the Upper Hand with Professional Rust Stain Eradication

Before and after of fertilizer stains

Shine-On uses Front 9 Restoration products for the majority of our hard surface restoration projects. We are a professional authorized applicator and have undergone training with their products.

Through our process and procedure, we are regularly able to remove 90-100% of rust stains. Some of the rust stains we remove are: Battery Acid Rust StainsFertilizer Rust Stains and Irrigation/Sprinkler Rust Stains.

Battery acid rust stains are generally a result of golf carts being rinses on on a concrete driveway or parking structure. The only way to properly remove the stain, without damaging your concrete in the process, is using our knowledge of process and Front 9 products.

Fertilizer pellets that are left on concrete bleed when moisture such as rain, morning dew or a sprinkler gets on them. This causes little rust stains everywhere the pellets bled. These stains can get down deep into the pores of the concrete. We can safely and effectively remove these stains.

We are happy to give a free estimate on rust stain removal and invite you to give us a call for service anywhere in the Kansas City Metro.

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Check out this video for before and after rust removal!

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